Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quilters Applique the Harriet Powers Quilt

Sq #4

Seems as if I'm looking back at past quiltin adventures with my friends... as well as cleaning out the duplicates, and re-arranging my workdesk computer files: Thus I run across Annette's 2006 quilt photographs.

Sq #3

A group of probably 4 ladies shared a quilt pattern..... and I must have been taking care of my mother or other job responsibilities. They are retired, meeting on Mondays an Fridays for several hours, so I stop by on my lunch hour to take pictures and to be inspired!

Sq #2

What I love about African Afmerican color combinations.... is that the unthinkable on the usual color wheel.... becomes really cute. Annette always shops, buys and will quilt with some orange (this with purple).

Sq #1

As a new quilter back then, we know never to stifle creativity and individual likes!

There were weekly talks about the animals, the meaning of the circus, and the whales and on and on and on.....We learned the historical facts.....
Harriet Powers was born enslaved on October 29, 1837 in Clarke County, Georgia and reportedly began quilting a pictorial masterpiece at the age of forty-nine. Though she had sewn many other quilts in her lifetime---- this quilt was to be a diary of her spiritual life. In it -- she would combine local folktales such as a cold snap which struck Athens in February of 1895 along with Biblical truths to produce a fifteen-squared quilt.

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  1. Bev,

    Hello! You did a marvelous job interpreting the Lord's Supper Quilt!!! WOW!


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