Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm Lovin' It . . . .

A Fabric Sale of Course !
Our local, friendly quilt shop - OK Quiltworks - actually dropped the price of $9.20 Alexander, Moda and bolts and bolts spread around three wall of the room -- sale price was $3.00 w/2 yd minimum!

My first task was to choose fantastic blenders and borders.... really the fabric in itself was on the gold-brown-black-burgandy mix!  But my now, I've seen myself start a fabric.... the it's a smashing finish to pull my sale stuff of years ago... and it offsets the quilt blocks like nothing else.  

Then I wanted to get bright.... but their selection of bright was rather kiddish or hawaiian...  pretty... but leaning more to a traditional European-Caucasian blend of primary blue, yellow, reds.   In fact, there is not a selection of ethnic fabric:  when I ask for African themes I am usually shown tigers, lion and zebra prints and trees and jungle prints!  

Anyway, back to what and how I did finish my shopping adventure:  A FOCUS FLORAL FABRIC with deep burgandy, beige-reddish floral patterns.  I intend to border the blocks with blended colors and set it off with the same beautiful floral border.    Something traditional that I've not done.    I don't see this being a personal favorite to keep.... so who's gonna be my lucky lady or man of the hour?

(l)  My pastor is having knee surgery and needs a man-quilt.   (2)  Mama Lubie Dixon is my best friend  (3) Sister Gertie Armstrong is on my list  along with my Chickasha Baker Lady  (4) and of course - Mrs Francis J - the eternal babysitter will one day get a quilt.   (5) Two sweaters and a t-shirt need to be done for Heidi's grandfather who passed.  (6) My Ohio friend Ms Terri
(7) my KK-mae needs a red quilt  (8) Low and behold - my 83 yr old mom as a Nursing Ctr resident has befriended a girl who is having a baby girl in August and she's on the baby quilt list:  (9) Ashley & Ann - baby girl,  (10) Nicholas V Carter - grand nephew has a John Deere on the sewing machine as we write (11) September has the Royal Ambassadors with Dr. K. Kilgore in line for their themed quilt (applique) (12) need to make a couple of the Princess Tiana bags for the Kairos book store sale, (13) AQSC star quilt by Sept 15th, (14) Presidential House Quilt in PA to K. Flamer exhibit (15) our OKC Community Quilt Guild has finished log cabit full size quilt and binding... and (16) is due to start the Underground Railroad Quilt again!   (17) a couple of givebacks are needed.... like Ms Vivian @ St John 

Is this why I was happy with a $3.00 yd-fabric sale?    The cash register first rang up $190.65 and I paid out $66.00   yipppppppppeeeee !

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