Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Annettes quilt was finished with four-12 squares across --- by four-12' squares down..... and the border! Here's more!

Sq #6

Jonah cast over board of the ship and swallowed by a fish

Sq #7
God created two of every kind,
male and female

Sq #8

The falling of the stars on Nov. 13, 1833.
My favorite - True Story!!
The varmints rushed out of their beds

Sq #9
Two of every kind
of animal continued

Sq #10

Seven Vials ~ angels of wrath.

beast and 10 horns
( :))) count'em again!!!)

Sq #11

Luvin' It !

Cold Thursday, 10 of February, 1895.
A woman frozen while at prayer.
A woman frozen at a gateway.
A man with a sack of meal frozen.

Icicles formed from the breath of a mule.
All blue birds killed.
A man frozen at his jug of liquor.

Sq #12

Sq #13

Sq #14

Sq #15

Sq #16

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful work. I am inspired and intrigued. Thanks for your wonderful blog.


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