Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hexie Exchange..... Still at it!

the new leadership.... came up with the idea to allow US GALS... to go on vacation!  For me to take a break to catch up to the ladies I've missed.... I can't bring my self to say it.... YES... it is a six month backlog of SEPT, OCT NOV and DEC 2016.....  Jan and Feb ladies in waiting.

So.... on today I went to the post office and LALALA... three sets of hexies were mailed!

A few times... and a few weeks ago -- I stumbled (quite purposefully) onto a garage sale table that had a beautiful set of card/envelopes...  a set of twelve!   I know it was a dollar or less.   And this has really been my motivation to share a card/envelope with each lady (as she will be sending out hexies in this exchange group) !!

Now.,,, its back to my TV time to stitch a bit!

Even in the midst of everything else…. Have a wonderfully serene day – today!   


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