Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Finishing Hexies A Must April 2017

Somehow.... I cannot....CANNOT quit .....cannot QUIT. . . the exchange process and the swapping of one-inch hexagon... with THE INCHY HEXAGON SWAP

Therefore.... I also must finish and catchup.    Something won't let me break the connection.... the commitment... and the simple joy of receiving fabric from Canada or Australia and/or all across the USA!!!

So here's my finish....I was all of six months lagging...  I did three and mailed.  Now I've finished the last three.

I also like to do a little extra.... I've been collecting pretty cards/envelope sets from estate and garage sales.   Our tech world today seldom takes the time to write a letter.... txt, txt, txt Iphone

I walk my backyard every day or so.... and the infamous garlic is growing and will bloom beautifully.

Within my own small way,
turning on a small light in a dark room ~ ~
April 2017     

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