Thursday, February 23, 2017

How To Baby Lock

Here at my renewed Bquiltin Longarm Quilt Studio

I wondered if any other quilter had purchased a Coronet Baby Lock quilting machine.  

So here is my How To/Tuesday posting of a 42" x 55" baby quilt.

On yesterday I picked up a baby quilt from a good friend.  She is a math stickler and saves a dollar by making her quilts from a 44' cut of fabric backing.   

The front and backing should be ironed by customer to remove any wrinkles.  I smooth and straighten and steam iron .... and I start removing all stray threads.

Find the exact middle of both ends of your quilt backing:  Fold in half and mark the center with pins.  Ideally seems not to happen to my easy going quilt friends -- that's because these ladies will apologize for only making the back and the batting (mind you!) about 3-4 inches larger than the quilt.

So it's an automatic that for my Baby Lock Coronet, I've cut a 9" double fold cotton fabric piece that will serve as my "RUNNER FABRIC".  
      (1)  I carefully line up the quilt back, batting and top on the floor area.
      (2)  Then I attach my "runner fabric" with small safety pins at about two inches apart or so.
      (3)  Smooth out again,  then I roll up quilt gently to move and place on the Baby Lock
      (4)  On the back upper bar, roll and clamp the runner fabric  --  eye the quilt top to be sure it is straght.
      (5)  When I'm sure the backing is taunt, that the batting is smooth....  the top fabric can be basted... starting at the center and working slowly (watch fingers) using the MANUAL 4inch baste stitch.  


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