Thursday, February 16, 2017

Coming of Age ~ Longarm quiltin designs

I am old and young..... a beautiful wrap-up for a woman of my likes!  I am gaining experience and a sense of ease in learning to quilt the quilt !!! on my longarm machine

January was my first business service:   A friend asked excitedly.... "My 90 year old auntie needs a quilt... we don't have ones from her old house..... and her birthday is next month.   Would you make her a full size quilt?"

I have several unfinished quilt tops in my closet.   It is quite refreshing to have my handiwork hanging and waiting for its fullfillment.   I purchased my Baby Lock Coronet in December, so this was the perfect QUICK challenge.   In a matter of about 10 days...........   tah-dahhhhh!  

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