Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Learning Fast @ Home Quiltin!

So after Monday's quiltin session, I spent the evening making the second set of 4-patch blocks.   They were cut on a diagonal... and I ran into a problem on the side triangles and center pinwheel!

Even though we were using oversized 7.5" squares in the 4-patch:  I ended up barely able to cut this into a 12.5" finished square..... so WHACK-Whack.. it ended up a 11" block.....  I Love the Oddity of it ALL!!
Below:  I'm failing to fall in love with this big block... hmnnnn

But, Practice makes closer to perfect.....
I inserted an exact cut 4-patch.... and really like the break in the diagonal line on the 12.5"...yippee..... block on the right!!

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