Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A tinge of Racism at Oklahoma Quilters Guild...

As the old folks used to say:   A case of the "She just can't hep it!!"
On last Friday, I took off work to drive over to the church setting of an informal class on how to make a Quilt Iron Tote..... and I'm not mistaken about the 40'ish year old girl/woman sitting next to me.....  Racism is something sensed, experienced, and deeply felt.  When RACIST attitudes are encountered.... it is always a surprise to my mental capacities.... like WHAT !!   The teacher was genuine, the older women congenial.... and I'm just looking for some peace and quiet quilting!

I visit, smile and make friends by name for 15-20 minutes....then maybe I'm wrong,,, but was I just ignored?  While the 40'ish answered a question to the other white woman, and when general quilting questions mingle around the table.... I asked "what date"..... now Ms Know-it-All, center of attention.....    She keeps her shoulder turned away from me... glances and says "I'm not sure...uh...."

Excuse me -- you just told the other lady... I missed the exact date......   But you are 'dissing" me?   hmnnnnn..... let's see now!

I chatted along about the broken thread in my machine trying to mess me up... she is reading the buttons on her Brother machine.... still a cool shoulder?  hmnnnnn

BUT U KNOW WHAT.... there are some really beautiful, friendly ELEPHANTS In The ROOM...!!

Much like the elephant....  Black Americans are not at all stupid... we're quite Godly in our knowledge of who we are... and how to behave
when RACISM rears its ugly head...
MLK.... non-voilence... luv your way into JUSTICE!  Keep fighting, be aware, be wise, be gentle as II Timothy Second Chapter says!

 I tell myself.... get over it Beverly.... been here before.  I've survived.   Kinda due to our political landscape.... there are 50% of Americans who are indeed mad and hateful to President Obama..... and it wears and shows up in the simplist of events and days.

SO I CHOOSE...... to luv my quilting just leave it alone via those who just can't hep themselves..  the unattractive elephants in the room!


  1. Sorry you had to deal with that. It's nice to see someone who leads by Godly example. It's tough to remember that "they can't help it." I find myself often tempted to do the wrong thing - force them to talk to me, but I know I just need to keep praying instead of being confrontational..

    1. Hi Francine..... I think I'll join the doll swap Take good care of yourself!!!


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