Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Quiltin Philosophy....!!!

Quilting.... the undone creations!!!
Why or why... dear Lord
am I so engrossed, captivated, and in love with the tiny pieces of fabric.....  is it a reflection of my life... in which the small, simple daily tasks DEFINE my whole being????
 Not a bad thing at all..... a little quiltin philosophy... huh???

This is a second remake..... back in 2006 -- I made the quilt for a Huggins Family Reunion (OKC) and I think my California brother Orville has this quilt!!!

I'd like to have a Fourth of July collection of quilts to display at our church in the coming years.... (via red, white and Blue.... along with a little African American Red-Black and Green heritage colors!)  I pulled sweatshirts and t-shirts for the inner flag!)
Dear people.... this living carpet is from the 80's --- soft and plush.... Dear Dad's pick for the Woodridge homeplace!!!

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