Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One Flower Wednesday ! ~Wonderful!

I pulled my list... looked up my friends from Canada and the United Kingdom, and CA....(... that Oct-Nov-Dec-Jan-Feb...)... they were super with any pattern and any center on a hexagon!!!   One lady wants dots !!!!

and I've been buzy stitching today....  in the Hexie Swap-a-Long!   I think the lil buttons are posted on side blog...

here goes.... some old-3-4 year old St Jude Hospital Fabric.....   love, love, love!

 Ta-day !!!
... children on fabric.....
alas we shall not foget . . . .
the three lil black girls who were bombed in church in Alabama....
nor the the 20 lil angels shot-down in Newtown CT !!!!!!

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Sew blessed ~ my Friend . . .


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