Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Flower Wednesday ~ Hello Friends... !!!

I took a day off work (day after my birthday celebration!!)   I felt a little sicky and took an afternoon nap.   Sewing as a mentalist (That's a new tv show I've been watching lately).   Browsed a few sewing magazines, ironed a couple of cathedral window squares  ~ ~ there is a little Rooster in the corner!

and also the six-inch red and white quilt WIP.

Paper-piecing is a mindless wonder!    The above 9-Patch will be made of Folded Flowers.... Rebecca Wat was on Simply Quilts and adapted her origami techniques for fabric.  She made a  folded block called the "inside out flower".   There's a link on UTube of sorts and I'll do a quick tutorial one day soon!

And tah-dah....   here are today's GFG, Hexies....
Step one:  I used a on-inch Hexie template to cut fabric approx 1/4" larger.   I marked the wrong sides of all seven hexagons.

Step 2:  I placed right sides together, matching marked lines and sewed a straight stitch.  zippty do!

Keep adding right sides together and stitching....

  then the sixth petal is stitched sided to side..... joining the flowers....   They are then pressed flat and pretty.... all seams pretty much in one direction... and the

tah-dahh !!!  My beautiful baby! 

I make hexagons in a 1-6-12-and 18 fashion.... that is, I am making a large size quilt.  The 18th hexagon ring is white and joins other circling hexagons as shown in some of my earlier posts!

I've run late in trying to go the usual route of EPP (English Paper piecing) with the paper inside --- but it was just too cumberson and tiresome to have a stack of undone hexagons.  Cute... yes..... but it ain't me! (so said Major Payne)  This was my dilemna when trying to get hexies ready swap!  I don't mind receiving the standard EPP... but I couldn't get a move on that way.

I'm not sending out several months to several swap partners... just hoping they can turn the edges and add to their stack as needed!   Or who knows.... maybe they will be inspired to applique or try my way of making hexagons.   all in fun..... 


  1. I have never seen hexies done this way! Good for you trying and making some "Your Way"! I think I would have fits trying to press them. Thank you so much for sharing! Hugs, Kim C ^i^

  2. Love the color of the hexie you're working on. "your way" looks interesting but I like my paper pieces and just having to cut out squares and then sew. Your hexies are beautiful, I always like trying new techniques.....I'll let you know how it works for me.

  3. I think it's easier to do the larger ones this way, but I look doing the small ones with paper pieces. The colors of the new one are beautiful! Putting in some as stars is great. I'm setting mine with star points in the top.


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