Thursday, January 12, 2012

As I have Re-Organized My Life....

....and as I make up for some things that I've fallen behind (Quilting Promises)......   I am not hosting the OKC Community Quilt Guild in the Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show that starts today (January 12-14, 2012.

I have trinkets, purse kits, a sister kit, patterns and impulsive spending STUFF from the last two years...  so I just will not do it again.   I am itching for the excitement of peeping into the booths and a chance to photography a good many quilts on exhibit.   (Hence, I did not include an African American themed quilt in the show either!)

To everything there is a time and a season......   and I am in good cahoots with God... as he directs my footsteps (financially) for 2012....   I'm closing in on 60 years of age... and I want to be specific in my quilting goals and life aspirations.

I created a document today.... not just another notebook.... but an organized listing of the quilt activities and dates listed on my blog sidebar.   I have healthy living agendas for this month.  TODAY IS MY DAY.... EveryDay is a good-godly-blessed day for me!

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