Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Stitch in Time ~ Owens Museum Exhibit Begins Today!

The Guthrie News Leader (click) of 6-11-2011 distributed a beautiful 2-pg article and color photo of the kickoff exhibit and reception being hosted in the Owens Fine Arts Museum.

Britches Quilt  c. 1940 - Owner Valerie Helaire, OKC, OK
 African Bar Strip Quilt, c.2004 by Lee Wasson
 Old Quilts,,, c.1950 - Owner Zenetta Kendricks

 Puzzle Block Quilt  c.2007 quilted by Lee Wasson
Log Cabin Quilt c. 2010 by Kelley Ramsey
 Wool Treasure Quilt c. 1950  Owner Janet King
Applique Contemporary quilts c 2009 by Evelyn Spriggs and Lee Wasson
 Geometric Beauty c 2008 by Lee Wasson
 Harriet Powers Story Quilt  c.2008 bu Annette Johnson   - Masterful !
 MLK Wall hanging  c.2008 by Beverly Kirk
Reception Activities on Sunday 6-12-2011

 Professor Wallace Owens

Kwanza Quilt in Red!  c.2008 by Annette Johnson

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