Friday, June 3, 2011

Re~Learning the Facts about my Featherweight.... !!

I took it out of the closet... and it is sitting pretty... wouldn't you say!!  The Featherweight is a very portable sewing machine weighing about 11 pounds... Model 221 is an ideal machine for quilters to take to classes.... very quiet and sturdily made with all-metal parts (mostly aluminum), the Featherweight sews only straight stitches.  The Featherweight cme in a standard black model made in the U.S. Those made before World War II had an attractive "Egyptian Scrollwork" pattern on the faceplate, while most of those made after the war had a simple, striated pattern of vertical stripes. They were further decorated with gold decals and the Singer name, but nowhere do they say "Featherweight" on them. 

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