Monday, November 29, 2010

There is a new quilting room....... for B'Quiltin

The truth of the matter is that these wonderful cherry-wood bookshelves will stay in the KIDZ ROOM.   That is the switch I pulled... via making the inner hallway room for mee-maw's babies.  I moved the sewing machine, cutting board and design board and fabric into the front hall room.   It's cooler in winter-time and hotter with a full length window in the summer-time.   SAY YE, HEAR YE.... I pulled up the old rug... and put down a brand new wood/laminate floor!

So, again,,, the kids room will still house the very, very neatly stacked 3/4+++ yardage fabric as above. I've landed two sizes out of the big boxes.....  All other scraps and projects will be at hand in Bquiltin's new home!

I read about buying a special white/cut board.... but is there anything wrong with cutting up a card-board box>>>??? Certainly, what harm can it do to my fabric???

 I'll keep an eye on it...... my imagination thinks of bugs and decay..???

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