Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Weekend - Oklahoma I-40 East & West

On the road -- quiltin and antiquin !  

 Let's Start Out Saturday morning @ about 6:30 am from Oklahoma City... thinkin about the MOKA 2day Quilt show... I've missed Friday nights event.   So.... the air is clean and crisp.  The Jeep is fully repaired and the CD player is blastin!
 Now, I've stopped at Salisaw, Ok for a yard sale....   (I'm smilin!) and a lady says their Walmart no longer carrying fabric... but I've passed Vian, Gore exit about 20 miles back... and there is a fabric shop!!

 OKLAHOMA IS THE BIBLE BELT.... YES, a good-natured Republican state... oxymoron... is there really such a thing?
Land I love, Home of the Free and Brave... this black woman is feelin good!
 I'm in seventh heaven.... here's the quilt shop.

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