Monday, August 24, 2009

A Minstrel's Musings - a good read!

A Minstrel’s Musings is a collection of poems that celebrates the seemingly insignificant events that really define life, in all of its stages. Framed within images of antiquity (many medieval in nature), author Sarah Ashwood takes the reader on a journey that exposes those moments of romantic love, friendship, and loneliness that cause us to question our surroundings on this earth and our mortal existence.

Complementing these skillfully crafted lines of verse are original sketches that provide added breadth and tangible dimension to each topic. A Minstrel’s Musings is a wonderful first collection for this talented young artist who has just begun to discover and refine her poetic voice. Readers can be sure that Ms. Ashwood is going to contribute much to the dialogue that is modern poetry.

-John Napolitano, M.A.Instructor, John Wood Community CollegeAuthor of American Floaters and Only a River

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