Monday, August 31, 2009

I think I'll do a RE - Enactment - that is to create a... of Gee's Bend Quilt

I do a Bunny Shop Hop, and found this advertisment of four distictive quilts displayed in earlier years at the Quilts of Gee's Bend exhibit.... The Gee's Bend Solid Collection of solid fabrics are being promoted by ABCs of Quilting10 NW 5th StreetGrand Rapids, MN 55744!

"Housetop - 4 Block Variation" by Mary L. Bennett (b. 1942)

The granddaughter of Deila Bennett (1892-1976) ancestor of many quilt makers in Gee's Bend.

As quoted by Mary, "I was born down here in Brown Quarters and got raised by my grandmother. I started out working in the fields for my uncle Stalling Bennett. I didn't get no schooling - every now and then a day here and there. Didn't nobody teach me to make quilts. I just learned it by myself, about 12 or 13. I was seeing my grandmama piecing it up, and then I start. I just taken me some pieces and put it together, piece them up till they look like I want them to look. That's all."

"Housetop - 4 Block Variation" - 57" x 65"

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