Tuesday, June 25, 2024

My Sister’s Birthday Quilt

I sewed friendship stars today

I took up my daddy’s silk ties after his passing in 1997 and I cried and tried to make a full-size compass block quilt far  beyond my know how. Thus, I created my first quilted pillow set made with his silk ties!  Although I loved basic Home Economics in High School, courting, working, marrying and three kids took first place in my young years!  When I needed to heal my heart, I found that I could take the bits of brokenness (pieces of fabric) and with forethought, solitude and precision — I could create a thing of beauty!  Over the years, I experienced more life-advancing events.  I’ve aged gracefully and I’ve added a good many quilts to my life story.  I am so proud of the ways in which I have bee able to sort through and express my social and political views into statements into my quilted art.

At this my Sister’s absence from this good earth —- I don’t contemplate why or what…. Just that I do!

I quilt

I quilt furiously 

I quilt daily

I plant-God re-seeds my front and backyard each year….  

I’m hurt

I’m at peace

I’m piecing my latter years


I’m well


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Sew blessed ~ my Friend . . .

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