Thursday, May 9, 2024

Mrs. Harriet Powers ~ Ten Years ago!

 The Cloud /// Web /// truly keeps a record of everything!  I posted a blog in 2013....  On that post --- Krya Hicks commented a friendly hello! Such a smart-good woman!

So - since that initial fascination with the Afrono Quilters in NE OKC, I've been telling the story!  And I'm recreating my second Harriet Powers Bible Quilt!

This was the Pictorial Quilt that my friend Annette J. re-created in 2013 that I shared with my viewers.  

In just a few days, I'll share pictures of my own #1 and #2 Bible Quilt!

 I put my heart into in 2022-Metropolitan OKC Library adventure featuring this wonderful Folk-Art Quilter from Athens, GA.  Here's the outlandish story - true!  I've to date ... lost and/or totally misplaced this quilt following my lecture!  

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