Friday, July 15, 2022

Falling Into my Time * * * * *


Following all instructions; I happily entered my rare and aged (2019) 
ARTIST:        Beverly Kirk
SIZE:        62" x 75"    
MEDIUM: Uplifting, colorful collage quilt deplaying "Women of the World".  Machine piecing, applique and paper pieced fabric:  100% Cotton.

High Craft: Contemporary Fine Craft Exhibition 
Inclusion in Art, Oklahoma City, OK 
OPENING: October 30-December 15, 2022. OKC/Tulsa Venues)

To All my friends in quilt-land......  This is my pursuit, my adventures..... my reason for creating somewhat traditional quilts to gift... and the boldly innovative art-fiberworks to share with the world.    

Thanks for this FB, Blog and place to share!  Leave a comment...... be blessed in all things (REJOICE) 

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