Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Finding Fabric - A Welcome Collision

Browsing thru a book again..... Carol Sterbenz spoke of Inspiration...... as a collision of what I desire, the talent I possess and my imagination!

 ... So you may know I'm the ultimate garage sale // yard sale // Estate Sale shopper... Any antique store that can be browsed.... I'll find it.    So I collided with a fantastic fabric find....  Unusual stuff, kinda of an eclectic looking white lady was dismantling collections of stuff.   When I picked up two - three sets of fabric tossed carelessly in a box -- she said "the big pieces are $3.00 each... $1.00 for the rest.   It's from Africa".

When I continue to show like interest and browse around.... I keep a careful eye on who else walks up on the driveway and might see the fabric.    So... I go back... and the sale is made.   She was overcharging on several little items.  I put them back --- paid out $6.00 and literally ran!   I sensed she knew she had understated..... kinda wanted to change price....   But I ran.  BARGAIN OF THE YEAR I'D SAY

This was over six yards..... and yes quality.  Not smelly, not stained.  Strength in the fabric content.   Definitely not a JOANN waxy fabric from China.... I know my fabric feel!!  It actually has a pinkish tint surrounding the pale yellow and green....  again - not the commercially printed deep orange/yellow/green at Joanns Fabric Store.  

I'd say authentic since my brother and son have given me fabric from their visits to the African continent/Military travels!

Blessed & Bquiltin ~ 

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