Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Quilter's Story Line

I've been clearing out... rearranging more so.   I stopped to read thru a Quilter's Book of Days I purchased in early 2002 or so.

A reading caused me to reflect on the quilting process.  The It's A Finish posting I've begun to make.  It is indeed something methodical, an evenly paced ~ skill based positioning of the needle into the three layers.  Texture happens right before my hand and eyes.   Graceful but not always perfect swirls I begin to make often moving from left to right across blocks that are completely at my mercy.

Thus, and indeed QUILTIN' THE QUILT becomes a very special process, stitch by stitch I can see a transformation of fabric, batting and backing stretched even and flat.  And a-ha !  The final roll and fold and clamp is in sight.   (Minus a few thread breaks or bobbin re-winds). I'll blog what I learn about thread weight and tension on my Coronet longarm as time goes on.....

Hoping your find the same joy in holding the finished product of an official QUILT.   A label, the binding and a hanging sleeve prepares the quilt for the owner and upcoming quilt show!

Bquiltin ~ Sewin’ Peace & Contentment


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