Tuesday, March 6, 2018

SaveTime Quilt Tip: Hanging Sleeve Should Be Made Early On....

Thus.... I'm gonna cut basic white fabric (from Goodwill decent cotton sheets)   I cut them 9 1/2 inches..... in order to make the 4" sleeves that will be needed for the upcoming SJMBC Centennial Quilt Show (December 1919 - December 2020)   A year of celebration!!

Hanging Sleeves and Quilt Labels !!!..... the basics.   Now I know it.... Like I learned my lesson about the binding.   Do it  plzzzzzzz  -- Save time and put away procrastination.....   Do the Hanging Sleeves, labels and binding....  the last three steps....   Have it done before I quilt the quilt on my longarm  machine !!!


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