Monday, January 26, 2015

All About Blogging..... and Growing !

Today's world of social media seems to drive "US" human beings toward a shared community.   I often think of the single pebble that is dropped into the pond.... and it's ripply effect begins!

Over the last 12-14 years, I have seen God make inroads and expansions into my personal well-being, into my family circle - church family - and within my creative adventures.... via the internet blogland!'s hello and happy to meet YOU ladies and guys --- young and the treasured - seasoned old!  I'm at about 85% percentage points  -- leaning into the old-folks category.   I consider it a bliss!

This is how my garden has grown over the years!    After my dad's passing, I draw towards a closeness in the backyard that he cut, tendered, grew veggies and "piddled around in the yard" !!

Dear Dad
He seems to have been the tip-off point at which I gathered this neckties and stitched - pieced the star pattern and quilted them into a couple of pillows (1997)

Here are my 2004-2005 Quilt beginnings!  Quilt shows, patterns gathered as I travelled on my job to Wyoming, Iowa, Texas, Carolina's, San Diego!

Dear Mom,
She entered a skilled nursing care facility back in 2002 . . and thus I became something of the family matriarch for my sister of 12 years younger... and four great brothers.  I inherited the family homestead --- and I took over the family gatherings of food, canning and almost a love of pots and pans..... all but the cleanup!

A true garage sale / estate sale collector!

I'm an avid quilter..... shows, contests, museums,   MORE TO COME IN RETIREMENT!
I'm excited to find New Tea Buddies on this GROW YOUR BLOG party!!
Bev's Wishing Well ss where I share a brand new world of tea sippers and bloggers...... ahhhhhh the sheer beauty!  
Royal Albert Lavender Rose

My 60th birthday (2014) was a Cake PARTY! 

Blog-land Ladies...... You are my Treasures
Dearest Vicki at GROW YOUR BLOG graced my efforts to participate!   

Click the link above.... or click on the sidebar ICON
Do go by and visit and extend your world of friends!

Be Blessed today and beyond!

Have a Great Day!

ps...... I'm into genealogy! alas!!

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