Monday, December 15, 2014

Feb 2015! What I've always wanted..... A Tea Cup Exchange!

Words from an inspiring-wise man I first became acquainted with abt 1970 Langston University -- my impressionable college days!  And yes... they were they best of days and years

Tea Cup :  Mug Exchange
February 15, 2015
Save the Date !

Stepahnie at THE ENCHANTED ROSE. Blogspot
... is hosring:  a tea cup exchange she first started back in July 2013.
She said.... "It all began with a love for tea cups and a way of making friends from around the world."

Lord knows, I would love to travel this great world he has created! Such beauty abounds!   I've been safe and home-bound in Oklahoma all of my life.    Oh but to peak into blogs and other peoples world of travel.

I really believe God will give me the desires of my heart. 

Thanks for visiting my blog today!

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