Thursday, August 29, 2013

48 Hour Quiltin' Notice ~ A Round Chair Cover for a Party!

I checked and found some beauties !! but not a single chair cover (makeover for a party!!!)   It would have to be free,,, and I was running out of time...

Maybe I couldn't google it because this is a basic old black office chair.   I know I can cut and measure... quick - grab me some newspaper - trace it - sew it- adjust the length.

At first the thin red fabric didn't look good... just hanging.  I knew I'd have to give it a quilted look.    We tried and bow..... NOOO..... this is an OKLAHOMA SOONER FOOTBALL Party.      We don't need the bow-fancy tie around.... hmnnnnn

OK... let's go.  And The creative juices will start flowing.... (I'd hoped)

BINGO!!!  Whoops...there it is!
And the black trim kinda fancy...classy.... just right for my friends SOONER CAFE image she's looking for!!!

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