Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wow I did it ....My Life Story!

This is my life story..... no joke....

On the above post .... I automatically wrote 2012..... while mentally thinking of 2013 as the NEW YEAR !!

Back in January 9th -- 1954  ---  I was a delivered "at home" with my grandmother Martha Sipuel as the nurse-maid....I was born on her birthday-- yippee ---  Daddy called for an elderly doctor to deliver me...  (so old... that while he might have charged $35.00.... daddy paid $5 and would pay-out the balance!!!  Story goes that Doc died... and my price was reduced!)  Doctor took the birth certificate and wrote JANUARY 9th... 1953!

Ta-Dah.....  my smart daddy and big mama said to themselves.... let's not change it...... Beverly can draw her social security benefits early....  I also started school early in a small rural town....  I never saw my birth certificate until I was sixteen yrs old to drive.....  and was therefore confused!!


  1. Amazing story, and very funny too. You have one smart daddy. Happy Belated Birthday.

  2. Thank you for shareing your lovely project and words with all of us. conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com


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