Friday, October 19, 2012

Hand Quilting on the BED!

Now... for a quilt story.....

These are the two "unfinished quilts" of  Dorothy Hughes !!!  She was known as a wonderful/beautiful quilter.....  I saw her "sewing on the bed"... she talked of her actual technique of pinning and reaching underneath... sitting in a small-kid chair - relieve the strain on her back!!!  Pulling and rolling the quilt atop the bed until it was finished.   On that day... I remember she had a heavy-wool antique quilt that was being repaired for her friend.

I've looked at the hand stitiching on the 9-patch quilt.... it really is rather ragged.... which makes me believe that she did not quilt it herself... but was finishing a top for a friend.  

The other is a hand-stuffed-puffy dresden plate of just six large (24" blocks)....they were done separately.  Each one is identical - perfect.  But the border fabric is an add-on of a different off-white tone fabric ???  hmnnnnnn kind different.

Since it is unfinished ...  I think I'll take the six dresdens and make them into pillow-tops !!!   Since this is a memorial feeling I have for my BESTIE FRIEND's mother......  I hope it will be treasured as I give the pillows back to the family.

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