Thursday, July 12, 2012

I am only ashamed.....

of the times I do something that is dishonest.  I have only two - three instances in my life in which I'm deeply sorry for something I said.   WHY.... because even though I felt it to be a truth or true feeling at that time in my hurt the soul of a friend and I am forever sorry for saying it.  TODAY -- As I strive for maturity.... I certainly watch my mouth and weigh my words... and would a thousand-times rather be silent than to cause a hurt with my words....  

Recently, there is one trouble-some instance whereas a precious-weekly-meeting of hearts/friendship has become silent....  I wonder if I said something or acted offensively.   I've not asked my friend why.  There is only silence.... a facebook friend hi... and then blank silence.   And no, I'm not a peace.   There was not enough depth for either of us to trust each other to talk.   My suspicions is that my lady-friend avoids me due to political statements and beliefs that I express too freely (and hopefully at the appropriate times)

Regarding my blog today.... a quilter girlfriend told me that someone looked at statements in this 2009-2012 BQUILTIN BLOG......   and I made a statement about his/her relative.  The person was indignant -- disagreeing with me.   My daughter is much more of a private individual, and reminds me that since GOOGLE and Facebook are such open, public-print venues -- that I should be careful!

My underlying thoughts and principles, motives and outlook on life are reflected as I write.   I have no malice directed at anyone.  

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