Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Celebrate..... 15 Years of Quilting

Does 15 years make me an oldie / seasoned / pro-like quilter ???   Or am I still a newbie... Yes still a learner!   The reason dawned on me as I posted on my genealogy blog... that my daddy passed away 15 years ago in June 1997.... and that is the time period when my heavy heart was lifted by the gathering of his endearing neck-ties.   I set out to make a quilt with just a pretty picture on a pattern .. not knowing it was a terribly challenging pieced item for silk-like small fabric cuts.  I was a sew-ist since childhood and highschool vocational educ classes!  So after the second 14-16 inch square....My mother, also an avid sewer, said she could made the backing and stuffing for PILLOWS!!!!

I noticed last year... my daughter reached into the corner and picked up one of the pillows to SHOW n TELL... her friend how I started quilting!

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