Monday, March 5, 2012

Abt 1941 ~ Singer Treadle Sew - Soo Cute

It's closing in on Spring Fever... and that means garage sales and Estate sales.... So this was the TREASURE OF THE DAY!!!

Welcome to your new home.....    Saturday Estate Sale price was $45.00.... Sunday via 9:22am.... Half Price Sale was $22.50...........SOLD  !!!!

(abt)  1939 Singer Treadle Sewing Machine
Serial Number:    AF-152.106 to AF-397.655

Here's an internet picture of what I think is the same machine...

 Below.... Little pop-out drawer.....

I'm on my way out of town... but as soon as I get back I intend to spend several weeks spraying the inner parts of the machine with WD40  (need to rinse off.. really well so it won't turn gummy later on)  – then apply oil, wait, clean again, and re-apply.  (Blogger... Sue's World prior link....)  Hopefully my effort will be rewarded with smoothly running  . . moving parts! It;s not yet in pristine condition due to years of sitting in storage in garage.

.......there are simple ways of taking care of a machine . . . .
The best way to return the wood’s original and beautiful shiny feature is to rub some lemon oil. If you do this process for several weeks, you can regain the brand new condition of the machine.
  1. It is common for the metal parts of any old type of machine to rust or crack its paint. Most collectors are attracted to this kind of look, so no need to repaint or sand it down.
  2. The machinery or mechanism of the machine only needs some sewing machine oil and belt to get it back in good condition.

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