Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This last day of November proved really a headache stressor!

The dreams were real and horrible last night... I was shaking scared.....of an evil child...   I know better... I could have slapped some sense into that kid to stop him....   Oh well... too many tv shows.   I'm battling  a flu/cough bug with OTC drugs plus running short on my diabetes medication.    Life is real... waiting for payday.
Nevertheless here is a blog listing I'll keep.

A Bit unusual, but this nice blog --- I think the lady is 79 yrs old and celebrated a wonderful birthday --  so that I just want to keep her link.   I didn't see a google follow button.......

The picture really says how I feel.... waiting for God and his bright sunshine to open up!!!  I know He will.

Trust God from the bottom of your/my heart,   Don't try to figure out everything on your/my own....Listen for God's voice in everything you/I do. . . Everywhere you/I go... He is the one who will keep you/me on track.    Proverbs 3:5-6 (from the Message Bible -- a Translation)

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