Friday, September 2, 2011

Rachael Greco -- September 2001

This great lady-friend talked about how ............historically, women have used quilting to cope with tragic loss.

The key way women throughout the ages have responded to catastrophe and times of high stress is to take to the needle.  Whether engaged in the simple rocking motion of hand quilting, or caught up in the calming whir of the sewing machine... our ancestors understood that sewing activities calmed their nerves and soothed the soul.  

Women in America... when confronted with severe tragedy, have consistently taken up sewing and quilting projects as a way to cope and create significance.

We have the unique opportunity to put those around us in touch with their American quilting and sewing roots.  We can carry forward our nation's unrivialed quilting heritage by helping others discover sewing and quilting as a means to cope;  and we can also inspire them to create that significance for themselves, their family and loved ones.

As has been so aptly said before, "When life falls to pieces, make a quilt!)

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