Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Very Good Reason to Make A Quilt !

“Lighten Woman’s Burden”
Stockman Reporter

October 5, 1911
“Few of us can escape the primeval sentence that we shall live by the sweat of our brows, but all of us, even though our lots be cast in scenes of isolation and hardship, where books and music and art are little known, and perhaps a common schooling not always be had, may reach out for themselves and rise above the daily grind of household duty to seek for the beautiful and claim it for our own.”

                                    The Break O' Day Farm and Metcalfe Museum 

is located in the beautiful Washita River Valley in Western Oklahoma.
Roger & Lloydelle Lester, Directors
Becky Buster, Store
Phone: (580) 655-4467
Fax: (580) 655-4654
Route 1
Box 25
Durham, OK 73642

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