Friday, January 28, 2011

Here's How ONE WORLD ONE HEART works:  On January 30th:  when the event begins - I will make a post clearly stating that I am a participant  (include the logo) back to the OWOH blog so others can get information.  I'll introduce myself and post photos of your "door prize(s)" to be given away.  I intend to be friendly and creative since this event is International

Once I post on my OWOH post on or after Jan. 3oth you will then email me the link to MY post to: Please include your country in the email.   The girl over at OWOH will email you if there are any questions or changes or if you don't meet all the criteria.

At the end of the event (Feb.17) I choose the winner of my prizes and announce it on my blog: I'll email the person to let them know and get their mailing info  Send out the gift WITHIN 3 days AFTER the event ends.

This is NOT about free advertising, promotions, gimmicks or adding to an already existing event. I can have whatever things linked in my sidebars so that when people visit they can CHOOSE to see what you do. I'll not require visitors to jump through any hoops.....This is about a simple introduction of  MYSELF allowing people to take a look around as they want and get to know you and your blog in their own way. The giveaway is a "door prize" for stopping by so all my visitors need do is leave a comment and a way for me to get back to them should they win AND for me to visit them and their blog. It's really quite simple. They visit visit them.

FUTHER PURPOSE of OWOH:  Be welcoming......Be myself.....this is meant to be fun meeting new people, finding kindred spirits, like minded new friends......fellow artists, writers, photographers, working women like myself....This event crosses all borders, socioeconomics, political and religious views.........this is about making friends near and far through the world of blogging and finding a common thread.

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