Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Life in Pictures

Seeing Myself . .... without AM makeup session!  ...
just as I make it to my desk, empty and rearrange my purse items.   This may well be the essence of my life in a single picture!   
My cup of coffee, An entry badge, cheese and turkey for breakfast sandwich, I've taken my diabetes, blood pressure and colesterol meds.  The cream in the tube is in case I itch.  As I browse my own blog, there's my SCRIPTURE MEMORY pack next to my thimble, pincussion, and my ongoing project of the 2" cathedral window.  The finished 4 blocks sewn together equal a  14" square!  
There were 232 pictures on my aging Sony digital W150 Cybershot.  I'm downloading it.   
I've checked my OESC e-mail, and facebook, In a few I'll check hotmail, yahoo, y-groups:  

I've checked my morning sugar on my accu-check meter. What else.... OH yea..... go put on the Makeup!!!  

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