Monday, August 30, 2010

Good Morning Friends & Enemies! QUILTING DISCONTENTEDLY>>>> ?? !!

NO... not really.  I've lived long enuf that I've not made anybody mad in years....    Just a love shout-out to my quilting buddies that emailed comments about my blogging.   So nice to hear from you LB.   

Picture above is my trip around the world.  That partially explains my short absence -- had another Jeep wreck....    I have this maybe SANCTIFIED discontent....desires...  A raisin yet in the sun???

Happy, blessed and quilting -- daily.  but a quiet unsettling, maybe future planning for a reasonable degree of security?  Yep...

It's identical to the quilting process, looking back and forward... putting the pieces together.  When they are mixed wrongly.... I see the beauty nevertheless!

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