Monday, February 1, 2010

This is my town ~ ~ ~ snow and ice, but SAFE!

A storm rolling out of the Four Corners region with snow, ice and rain is set to disrupt lives and travel from the southern Plains to the mid-South and the mid-Atlantic over the balance of the week. Enough snow or ice will fall along the Interstate 40 corridor that part of the major cross-country highway may shut down

The area from Amarillo to Oklahoma City will be the first to be hard-hit by the winter storm today. The next stops for the eastward-moving storm include Little Rock, Cape Girardeau, Memphis and Nashville by Friday.

Before the snow winds down on Friday, a foot of snow could be on the ground in Amarillo, Tulsa and Springfield, Mo. An inch of ice could accrue on trees and power lines in or near Oklahoma City.  For much of the southern Plains, the snow will follow a period of rain, sleet and freezing rain.

The combination of the snow, ice and in some cases plunging temperatures following the rain will make untreated roads and sidewalks extremely treacherous.  Where the freezing rain persists for an extended period of time, downed trees and utility lines will result in lengthy power outages. Winds gusting between 30 and 40 mph will add to this problem.The winds will also blow and drift the heavy snow around, further making travel hazardous

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