Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some of my quilt friends...

are superb at math.... I minored in accounting/work as a statistical anaylst -- 8-5-- M-F....   THUS you will find complete laziness in my quilting - thinking.   I do like for the finished producted to be balanced. 

From most of my Caucasian quilt-friends, I learned the qtr inch, 45 degree triagle... fat qtr... lots of addition and multiplication as such.... BUT I generally refuse to engage the conversation.   I press, re-measure, and I don't ever cut out ALL of the pattern as needed.    I go in sections..... adding and waiting for colors, dreams and inspiration to kick into my quilt project... thinking of who I might give it to!

I googled several sites, and borrowed to share.... (hopin this is different from stealing!) and therefore, I've included the chart below based on squares. 

My quilt had to have odd 5x6inch fabric cuts! yea!!!

My quilting space is somewhat as-u-see - it.... But I don't think of it as such...There's a superb air freshner, a window, three bookshelves of fabric, and an open closet....

Anybody notice my grand-daughter's toy.... and my boy has a red chair and coloring paper for his careful visits...(naturally this 4-yr old tested the rotary cutter... it's my room -- I told him NOT to touch my memaw left the rotary ready for me to use over and over again..... I smile to know he was determined to learn the hard way.... YEP he saw blood---cut skin when nosing into my stuff.) 

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