Thursday, October 29, 2009

My reflections on quiltin w/ Judy Howard....

Looking back over the 12-13 years that I've scouted around for quiltin resources, shops, antiques and all --- I stopped in at Buckboard Quilts when it was located on say 15th & Classen Blvd, OKC.  Quaint and cozy, The owner was nice, cordial.  Out of several visits, I remember buying on-sale old magazines and patterns Judy was letting go.   Also, there was a unique quilt pattern of a goblet -- drinking cup - (Silver Chalice) paper-peiced about 10-12 inches that caught my attention... I still intend to duplicate it one day.  

The store had beautiful quilts,,, hanging full length from folding stands... a house-like setting with rooms and antique Singer treadle machines.    Later - it was gone.... and I learned of Judy Howard on the net.     I saw her book publications.... didn't participate.  Just put it off.  I would see Judy at quilt shows, we made intro's and-again-- she was genuine and friendly.
My Proud Masterpiece !

Let say two years ago.... being a smart, connected lady... she hosted the Centenial Quilt Show with a showing at the OK State Capital Rotunda.  I entered my buffalo quilt (22" wall hanging dated 8-26-2007)   

As time moved along, we'd see each other and chit-chat.   As I surfed...

I noted her involvement in the quilts for Troops.    Lots of prayer and underlying stress as my son enlisted Feb 4th-2004 @ Ft Sill, OK US Army.   Almost 5 years of embattlement in Tikrit, Baghdad-Iraq (two tours)-ridin on humvees....landmine accidents and all.  

This easily led to mixed emotions of Black enclisted men and women....... serving on foreign soil... and always seeking justice in the USA.  I chatted in an e-mail to Judy, she said that she didn't have many (or any?) African American quilts represented.... so I jumped at the sober opportunity to put my feelings into a quilt..... And to top it off... 2009 is Post-Obama Election Victory!

ps.... Youngest daughter (25yrs) had the nerve to enlist in AF Reserves 5-6 years in Fayetteville AR... boot camp and all.  (georgeous little face mole!!!lol)    Both youngsters are utilizing the GI Bill money to further their schooling...YEAAAAA!

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