Monday, September 21, 2009

My LU. . . . . . My years of Sept 1971 - Dec 1974

From 1969 until 1979 the university had short-term leaders, including William Sims (1970 74), Thomas English (1975 77), and Samuel Tucker (1978). All had to deal with financial difficulties and turbulent politics, on and off campus. Stability again returned in 1979 when Ernest L. Holloway became the fourteenth president and guided the school into the twenty-first century. He had already served as interim president on two different occasions. In 1978 the State Regents for Higher Education assigned an urban mission to Langston, and the next year under Holloway the school opened extensions in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The university also gained the professional programs of nursing and physical therapy. In 1984 the American Institute for Goat Research (changed to E (Kika) de la Garza Institute for Goat Research in 1990) was established and cooperated with Ethiopa, Mexico, China, and the Phillippines. Another agricultural extension project involves aquaculture programs to provide information and technology for management and operation of fish farms and farm ponds. In 1989, after an appropriation from the Oklahoma Legislature, the college created the E. P. McCabe Honors Program. The school soon began offering master's degrees in education and rehabilitation counseling and a doctoral degree in physical therapy.

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