Friday, July 17, 2009

I've been Quiltin long than I thought!

These are finished pieces that I use in trunk shows...made back in 2004-2005.
I'm drawn to the gold and browns. The shoes and hat wallhanging is paper-pieced. A small dream-task is to place these in local black businesses as exhibit showpieces.
u-know? I looked at my work and then at the large quilt that Bill Crye was finishing. It is quite a distinction between the color, pattern and designs used by a black quilter... and a white quilter. I-too-have made the Euro-American squares and triangles in the traditional primary color palette. My points matched, they were cut perfectly and sewn 1/4th of an inch. Great product and a great give-away to friends and family. Yea-I can master the traditional quilt techiniques in all the major magazines.
It's just that my greatest satisfaction is when a take a design and tie it back to my heritage... it has a symbolism.... That black mama is definitely steppin out in her hat and shoes to match. Not a bonnet or a pill-box.... but a mean lean to the side on that big rim hat!
Luvin myself and my people! Thanking the Lord for my lot in life!

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